13.09.2012 - 13.10.2012
A group exhibition of Ruarts Gallery artists Semeon Agroskin, Sergei Borisov, Vita Buivid, Ilya Gaponov, Vladimir Glynin, Alexander Zakharov, Bella Matveeva, Vitaly Pushitsky, Aglaya Feneva, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Ja’bagh Kaghado, Franko B.
September 12th Ruarts gallery opens the new season with NOIR project that was brought up by Catherine Borissoff - curator and Art Director of RuArts gallery. As well as her previous Duel and Nothingness projects, NOIR exhibition is closely linked with personal feelings and emotional experience of the young curator.

Noir is not just a style of cinema in the 40s of the XX century, as many people tend to believe, but also a genre in literature, comics, anime and even video games. With all its features such as tough realism, cynicism, a tendency to self-destruction of the main character, disorientation and certainly acute sexual line in the plot – Noir is a very modern theme.
Literary critic G. Kosikov, for example, perceives noir as a "fictional American mass production, a mix of brutality and sensuality that cleverly gambles on pressing social problems."
12 Russian and foreign artists collaborating with Ruarts gallery on a regular basis will demonstrate their vision of a forgotten genre and style focusing on the psychological experience of modern characters, and love interest, romanticizing the reality at the same time.
The artist from St. Petersburg Bella Matveeva will take part in the exhibition for the first time after a long break with her film "Resurrection" (1990) shot on 16mm camera in collaboration with Vladimir Zakharov during the boat journey with friends through the famous ports of Saint Petersburg.
Dmitry Tsvetkov will present a series of fear inspiring works "Heads of Heroes" - severed heads of Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra, Emelyan Pugachev, with streams of blood made of beads and pearls instead of teeth.
Sergei Borisov, Vladimir Glynin, and Ja'bagh Kaghado will present their photos demonstrating the beauty of femmes fatales in noir style: unusual camera angles, high contrast black and white prints, emphasizing the dissolution of the female characters in a dark atmosphere.
Black paintings by Franko B are terrifying and fascinating at the same time. This artistic effect is achieved by using cracked paint, by texture of the image incised on a thick layer of black oil paint.
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