Ivan Ninety
Ivan Ninety was born in 1990 in Protvino town near Moscow, where he currently lives and works.

He has a degree in a software engineer and graphic designer.

He started his career in 2007 with graffiti drawing and at the same time he had a passion for photography.

Ninety takes part in Russian and foreign festivals, dedicated to street art.

Ivan creates collages, sometimes transferring them to monumental spaces, works with wood and other materials, with found objects, creating assemblages or objects, concern himself with illustration, photography and publishes his own magazines (zines).

Ivan Ninety’s works are held in private collections in Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Puerto Rico and Australia.

2018 “Death of Flowers”. Personal exhibition. RuArts Gallery. Moscow, Russia
"Wall Elements 2". Group exhibition. RuArts Gallery. Moscow, Russia
III Street Wave Art Biennale Artmossphere. CSC Winzavod. Moscow, Russia
"Wall Elements 2". Group exhibition. Manege Central Exhibition Hall. St. Petersburg, Russia
"Other Shores". Group exhibition. Manege Central Exhibition Hall. St. Petersburg, Russia
2017 «Enter the history». Group exhibition. Moscow City Museum. Moscow, Russia
"Rabitsa +7". Group exhibition. Club Rabitsa. Moscow, Russia
Memo. Personal exhibition. FGA space, factory "Crystal". Moscow, Russia
2016 #Project64 "Not / addiction". Group exhibition. VDNH, Pavilion 64. Moscow, Russia
II Street Wave Art Biennale Artmossphere. Manege. Moscow, Russia
Ripened fingers of elephants. Group exhibition. VZ "Here". Moscow, Russia
"Ground-Zine. A book that does not exist". Ground. Moscow, Russia
2015 "Fragments and finds". Personal exhibition. Artkommunalka. Kolomna, Russia
2013 "The Beginning". Personal exhibition. City Museum. Protvino, Russia
2012 Ninety & Emon. Group exhibition. "Factory". Electrozavod. Moscow, Russia
2010 TRAFORO | exhibition of stencil art. Group exhibition. Moscow, Russia

Events and Festivals
2018 Mural for the festival "Chilim - 2018". Astrakhan, Russia
“The Carte Blanche” Festival. Ekaterinburg, Russia
VII Print-Market "Vkus Bumagi". The Central Telegraph. Moscow, Russia
2017 The festival "Chilim". Astrakhan, Russia
Mural for the Urban Forms Foundation. Lodz, Poland
Graffiti-jam "30 faces you". Tele2 x Artmossphere. Park Museon. Moscow, Russia
Mural for the project "Artification". Festival "GAMMA". St. Petersburg, Russia
VI Print-Market "Vkus Bumagi". Bar Sosna and Lipa. Moscow, Russia
Project "Beauty, Not Available for everyone". Artmossphere x Manege. Moscow, Russia
2016 V Print-Market "Vkus Bumagi". Winzavod, White Hall. Moscow, Russia
II Auction of Street Wave Art. Moscow, Russia
II Street Wave Art Biennale Artmossphere. Manege. Moscow, Russia
Winner at Tuborg green fest in Art section. Moscow, Russia
Graffiti-jam "30 facets of honesty." Park Museon. Moscow, Russia
The Outline Festival. Moscow, Russia
Project "Counterculture". CSC Winzavod. Moscow, Russia
IV Print-Market "Vkus Bumagi". The central building of the Moscow telegraph. Moscow, Russia
2015 Charity auction. Ciferblat. Moscow, Russia
III Print-Market "Vkus Bumagi". Ema. Moscow, Russia
2014 Festival "Antonovskie yabloki". Kolomna, Russia
2012 Street Art Festival "Clean Field". Arkhferma, Tula region, Russia
2009 Graffiti festival "Energy of dreams". Moscow, Russia
Graffiti festival "IT-ART". Moscow, Russia

2018 «Arte Core 2k18» festival. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2018 «Chilim – 2018» festival. Astrakhan, Russia
2018 «Carte-Blanche» festival. Yekaterinburg, Russia
2017 «Chilim» festival. Astrakhan, Russia
2017 Mural for Urban Forms Foundation. Lodz, Poland
2017 «30 sides of yourself graffiti jam. Tele2 x Artmosshere. Park Muzeon, Moscow
2017 Wall painting for «Artification» project. Gamma festival, Saint-Petersburg
2017 «Beauty, that not for everyone» project with Artmossphere. Manege, Moscow
2016 Tuborg green jam, winner of art competition, Moscow
2016 «30 sides of honesty» graffiti jam. Park Muzeon, Moscow
2016 Works for «Outline» festival. MoZal territory, Moscow
2016 «Counterculture» project. Winzavod, Moscow
2014 Mural for «Antonovka apples» book festival, Kolomna
2012 «Chistoe pole» street art festival. Archfarm, Tula region
2009 «Energy of dreams» graffiti festival, Moscow
2009 «IT-Art» graffiti festival, Moscow

2015 Grant for Street Art. RuArts Foundation and Artmossphere. Moscow, Russia
2015 Museum-residence Artkommunalka. Kolomna, Russia
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